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Paediatric Prescription Writing is Clumsy, but Easy with Specialised Prescription Writing Software

Posted on May, 17 2018

Prescription writing for children has always been a careful task for medical practitioners. The age of the children plays a very important role in writing prescriptions as the strength of the dose is accordingly determined.

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Record Keeping and analysing Family Medical History is made easy with Prescription Pad

Posted on April, 30 2018

This suggests that the developmental stage of an embryo repeats all the intermediate phases of its ancestors throughout evolution.

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Delhi High Court clarifies: No Lab Technician can verify Lab Reports

Posted on April, 11 2018

A division bench of the Delhi High Court has dismissed an appeal filed by Association of Clinical Biochemists and Microbiologists (ACBM) and upheld the MCI’s (Medical Council of India) notification that bars all laboratory technicians from verifying medical test reports.

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An Automated Prescription Writing Software That Promotes Generic Drug Use

Posted on April, 9 2018

The cost to consumers for medicines has always been a matter of concern. Most of the people in our country consume, on an average, INR 100 value of medicines.

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Electronic Prescribing Writing Software is the answer to ensuring Paediatric Patient Safety

Posted on March, 23 2018

This is not just a slogan that we frequently quote during observing Children’s week. This slogan becomes very much important when we get ready to bring holistic upliftment of the state and status of child care in the world. Shockingly, according to an Institute of Medicine report approximately 7,000 paediatric deaths occur every year from preventable medication errors.

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Medical practice management software with pregnancy monitoring features is making the task easy

Posted on March, 9 2018

The treatment and medical practice management for pregnant women call for a seriously integrated approach for the doctors. Due to the fact that the process itself takes a long time and a number of aspects are required to be considered throughout the process.

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Prescription Management Software: Simplifying Patient Management in the e-way

Posted on Dec, 27 2017

Patients management in the current time has gone way ahead that was done hardly half a decade ago. Gone are the days when the entire hospital administration including the doctors.

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Integrated Electronic Medical Record: One Software, Numerous Benefits

Posted on Dec, 15 2017

Integrated Electronic Medical Record system or in short, IEMR is an answer to such a growing need for better, hassle-free and safe patient handling and health information management.

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Generic medicines a topic of debate and discussions

Posted on July, 15 2017

Generic medicines a topic of debate and discussions! Is India Ready / Way Out to problem of branded v/s generic : Modernize Prescription Pad Writing Software.

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7 Reasons Why Clinic Management Software Is Must For Clinics

Posted on July, 05 2017

Managing a clinic can be quite an exhausting task if there is not proper system for it but the advanced software technology has fathom the way the health industry worked in the earlier years.

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Laws governing the privacy of E-prescription

Posted on March, 16 2016

E-prescriptions are computer generated prescriptions, instead of writing on a piece of paper, your healthcare provider create directly to their system.

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Standards needed to improve safety of e-prescribing

Posted on February, 13 2016

The use of e-prescribing offers gains in efficiency of communication between prescriber, pharmacy and pharmacy benefit manager, but problems involving electronically transmitted prescriptions still exist.

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Electronic prescription software increases patient’s satisfaction by improved communication standards and saving time

Posted on February, 01 2016

Implementation of E prescribing Software in your practice will make you able to access important information about patient, in real time, from anywhere in your office.

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Activity of intestinal bacteria can quantify and classify the effects of different diseases in Human Beings

Posted on June, 27 2015

For the first time, a new research has demonstrated that the activity of intestinal bacteria, it is possible to quantify and classify the effects of different diseases. Microbiota, the human intestinal flora that consists of millions of bacteria, can now indicate the functioning and health of the human body. In this sense, Microbiota can be considered as an additional organ in the body, which interacts with each other and also with the human boy.

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Risk for diabetes Multiplies during pregnancy, if there is History of Depression

Posted on May, 26 2015

Depression is killing. Pregnant women, if ever have any history of depression, must share the issue with their doctors because they have higher risk of developing gestational diabetes.

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Few Cups of Coffee a Day Keeps Cancer Away

Posted on April, 03 2015

According to an article published in Continuous Update Project (CUP), an ongoing review of cancer prevention research, it is revealed that a relatively higher consumption of coffee may protect you from liver cancer.

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Heart Disease in Women is more Serious than that of Men

Posted on Nov, 22 2014

Pitching directly, recent research and studies have revealed that heart diseases are the number one killers for all women. Generally, more of the men experience heart strokes; however, the fact is more of the women die due to heart attack.

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All about Ebola Virus Disease: History, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Vaccination

Posted on Oct, 18 2014

It has been almost six months; Ebola disease is taking scores of lives across the globe.

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E-Prescription in India: A Call that Needs to Addressed Seriously

Posted on Oct, 01 2014

E-prescription or Electronic Prescription, also sometimes called as e-Rx is the smart new way of managing and maintaining the manual process of writing prescription.

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What All Prescription Writing Software Can Do for Medical Practitioners

Posted on Aug, 19 2014

Prescription Pad is a medical marvel. This is a completely indigenous prescription writing software that is capable of doing a whole range of tasks for the doctors.

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Manipal Hospitals Embraces Wearable Technology to Better Patient Care

Posted on Aug, 9 2014

Manipal Hospitals has revealed that use of wearable technology has resulted in providing better information to the doctors about cardiac arrests of the patients.

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The Third Gender Healthcare Challenge: One Old Issue that is hardly Talked About

Posted on June, 28 2014

After a long hue and cry, in April this year, the Supreme Court of India recognized the transgender as the 'third gender'.

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India's Own Medical Prescription Writing Software with Myriad of Features & Functionalities

Posted on April, 29 2014

"Health is Wealth",This century old proverb reminds us how it is important for us to stay fit and healthy.

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Prescription Pad Turns Medical Prescribing to Online

Posted on April, 26 2014

Electronic Prescribing system or in short e-prescribing systems has started gaining great acceptance in India.

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