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Posted on MAY, 17 2018

Prescription writing for children has always been a careful task for medical practitioners. The age of the children plays a very important role in writing prescriptions as the strength of the dose is accordingly determined. Along with the composition of the medicines, doctors must take care of simple and general facts as well. For instance, many liquid preparations suitable for children usually contain sugar that encourage tooth decay. For long-term treatment, sugar-free preparations are advisable. This is just one, there are many such examples. Hence, the best help that doctors can take is use of specialised electronic prescription writing software in their practice.

It has been some time; such medical software is being used in some of the big medical institutes in our country and abroad. However, its widespread use is something that can streamline the practice of medical prescription writing. An e-prescribing software with child growth module can help the paediatrician in more than one way. Let us see how.

Dosages & Dose Calculation

Paediatric doses, in no way, can be extrapolated from an adult dose. Hence, calculating the exact dose for preterm, neonate, infant, child and adolescent should be carefully done. A lot of things, such as age, body weight and even body surface area are taken while finding the dose and dose strength. This is where the usefulness of a prescription writing software is best realised.

Understanding Adverse Drug Reactions

Drug reaction is a critical aspect in case of paediatric medication. There is a whole bunch of drug combinations that can interact with the functioning of each other. For doctors, learning about all of them is important; however, tedious. On the other hand, prescription writing software can easily search from its own database of drugs whether the prescribed drug has conflicts with any other drug already consumed by the child is being prescribed in the same medication.

Prescription Pad is one of such intuitive medical writing software that takes care of all such nitty-gritty while writing medications for children. The software is developed by experts in the field of medicine and being used by doctors, hospitals and medical colleges across the country and abroad.

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