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Advantages of Prescription Pad Software


For the Doctor

  • Increased quality of the clinical work
  • Reduced cost of treatment.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency of the organisation
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Useful for further education and training
  • Availability of database for research & statistics
  • More effective monitoring of projects & disease surveillance
  • Reduced postal and courier charges
  • Reduced running cost by improved organisation working
  • Reduced waiting and treatment time
  • More flexible planning
  • Improved communication with the administration

For the patient

  • Reduced waiting and treatment time
  • Faster relief & reduced financial burden to payer
  • Care provided is fast & some times as their doorstep
  • Treatment & post-treatment close to the patient’s home
  • Reduced risks to paitent by avoiding transporation
  • Possibility of treatment even at inaccessible places via internet
  • Guarantee of safe & secure complete medical record at one place
  • Availability of compact EMR, which can be easily carried away anywhere
  • Reduced risk of unintentional Prescription errors
  • Reduced risk of complications due to drug interactions or drug safety in pregnancy, lactation,elderly etc..
  • Quicker access to specialised care
  • Prevention of unnecessary stress & money loss caused by multiple examinations
  • Prevention of unnecessary diagnostics
  • Reduced risk of incorrect treatment

For the Hospitals / Regional centres

  • Increased quality of work
  • Reduced running cost
  • More satisfaction for the patient since his all medical records are at one place & safe
  • More satisfied customers & improved public image
  • Increased organisational productivity and efficiency
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Increased quality of research, further education and training

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