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Posted on Feb, 1 2016

Electronic prescription software increases patient’s satisfaction by improved communication standards and saving time.

E-Prescribing Software

Implementation of E-prescribing Software in your practice will make you able to access important information about patient, in real time, from anywhere in your office. Medication histories and eligibility will be available instantly and you’ll be easily able to securely transmit prescription to your patient’s pharmacy.E-prescription Software is very easy to implement and even easier to use. With E-Prescribing Software, you will experience real time electronic transmission of prescription, refill requests, Lab orders and lab results. E-prescribing Software is an ideal solution for your practice, as it would reduce cost and eliminate redundancy, while simultaneously enhancing patient’s safety.

Features of E-Prescribing Software

  • Fully automated lab and pharmacy bi-directional communications.
  • Real time insurance verification and formulary checks.
  • Automatic receipt of electronic lab results and refill requests.
  • Easy access to past/active medication lists. Instantly view medications prescribed to your patients and modify as needed.
  • Electronic prescription featuring a comprehensive drug database that provides instant access to information on all medications.
  • Automatic alerts for drug interactions with patient’s known allergies and conflicting medications.

Benefits of E-prescribing Software

  • Electronic prescribing helps reduce medication errors and saves time, both for you and your staff. It also makes fraud and tampering with prescriptions nearly impossible.
  • Instant access to lab/test results and medication histories.
  • Save and reuse recurring prescription information for a particular patient, download patient medication history, and complete the entire prescription process with a few clicks or taps of your fingertip.
  • Connectivity to most labs and pharmacies.
  • Compliance tracking for plans and protocols.
  • An integrated solution that empowers your practice to participate in incentive programs.
  • Improves patient safety and quality of care.
  • Reduces time spent on phone calls and call-backs to pharmacies.
  • Automates prescription renewal requests and authorization processes.
  • Solutions for hand-writing and legibility challenges.
  • Intuitive dosing calculator for accurate prescribing.
  • Quick access to frequently prescribed medications eliminates redundancy.
  • Submit prescriptions electronically to more than 85% of pharmacies through our partners’ network.
  • Patients will appreciate the convenience of the built-in pharmacy lookup to find the closest pharmacy. Print out maps and directions, and save the location as a favorite for future visits.
  • Improves formulary adherence permitting lower costing drug substitutions

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