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Posted on Mar, 9 2018

The treatment and medical practice management for pregnant women call for a seriously integrated approach for the doctors. Due to the fact that the process itself takes a long time and a number of aspects are required to be considered throughout the process. Hence, for a doctor, it becomes very important to maintain a historical record of the patient at every phase of the consultation. Difficulties or challenges arise at a time when certain important diagnosis reports or test results are misplaced or lost. Both the patient and the doctor, in this case, face difficulty or challenges. Looking at the issue, use of a trusted medical practice management software seems to be the best alternative for the doctors.

As a matter of fact, the gynaecologist has to deal with a number of medical conditions at a time. So, when we speak about a prescription writing software that has provision of pregnancy module, it must be complete with all aspects. Let us see what all should be there in such a pregnant patient management software.

The first and the foremost consideration is finding out the expected date of delivery. The software should be able to optimally suggest the expected date of delivery so that other important schedules can be prepared accordingly. This includes regular checkups, ultrasound, scanning, monitoring of the baby’s development, immunisation during the pregnancy etc.

On every visit of the patient, the software should present the historical details in a nutshell so that past and present health conditions can be analysed together. This helps in deeply understanding the future course of action. This is like creating a self-explaining patient chart management system that helps the doctor in more than one way.

It is common that during the course of the pregnancy, the patient may develop other medical condition, diseases or disorders. So, as soon as any such information is entered into the its database, the software must be able to suggest the most appropriate treatment solution and prescribe the best medicines for those conditions. Here, the important aspect is drug safety. None of the previously taking drug should interact adversely with any other drug necessary for the patient. In such a case, a safe list of drugs should be prompted for the doctor to consider.

Among a few reliable and trusted prescription writing software, Prescription Pad is increasingly gaining popularity among the medical practitioners. The software has a dedicated module to manage patient chart for the pregnant women. Listed below are some of its salient features pertaining to the pregnancy module.

  • Prescription Pad automatically calculates expected date of delivery in reference to the patient’s last menstrual period
  • Every time a visit to the gynaecologist is made, a complete obstetric record of the patient is created in its database that provides regular updates on the pregnancy status on the future visits
  • Prescription Pad checks for drug interactions & drug safety automatically for pregnant women. This helps the doctor with warning updates pertaining to any unfortunate effect associated with the particular drug, if any

With the feature mentioned above and more similar features, Prescription Pad truly takes a holistic approach in updating the doctors about all the small and serious points that must be considered during the entire course of the pregnancy. Prescription Pad is 100% safe, foolproof and efficient prescription writing software with dedicated pregnancy monitoring module.

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