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Posted on Aug, 19 2014

Writing prescriptions for the patients is one of the most inherent and crucial aspects of a doctor’s job. On daily basis, you must be writing different prescriptions for different patients. The prescriptions are the repository of all the medical history of the patients. It is essential for both the patients and the doctors to go through the prescription. However, being human, it is our tendency to forget things in due course. Many patients just miss to bring the prescriptions with them. However, medical writing software, like ‘Prescription Pad’ has made the job easy for the patients as well as the doctors.

Prescription Pad is a medical marvel. This is a completely indigenous prescription writing software that is capable of doing a whole range of tasks for the doctors. Prescription Pad makes the life of doctors really easy. It has revolutionized process of prescription writing completely by eradicating the traditional or manual way of paper-based prescription management system. Let us see what all Prescription Pad can do for you.

It gives complete medical history of the patients in one interface. All the details pertaining to diseases, surgeries done, medications used, physical examination done, etc. are distinctively mentioned.

The medical history of entire members of a family can be put under one head so that you can track any familial disease. This makes understanding the disease and its causes better.

It already contains details about 50,000 brands of Indian pharmaceuticals and has provision to update the drug database on your own.

You can save the photos of patients to show their condition before and after the treatment. This is again helpful in analyzing the condition of your patient before and after the medication schedule.

The software assists in managing and scheduling all your appointments. There is feature of automatic reminder in the scheduler to update you about the particular appointment.

For small nursing homes and diagnostic centers of all sizes and strength, the software provides tools to manage the X-Ray, ECG, Ultrasound devices and Pathology Laboratory functions.

Prescription Pad facilitates downloading more frequently encountered prewritten prescriptions of diseases (like Cancer).

It enables taking printouts of the desired advices, exercise routines, instructions hand-outs, patients’ records, medical certificates, and pathology reports.

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