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Raynauds Phenomenon


Attacks of Raynaud phenomenon may be harmless and resolve on their own, especially if you have reversible causes and no underlying serious internal disease. However, your doctor may suggest ways to manage and treat the disease.

Call your doctor in the following instances:

  • Your extremities remain cool or discolored, despite rewarming.
  • There is an increasing frequency and severity of attacks despite prevention techniques.
  • You need help to quit smoking.
  • Ulcers develop over the fingertips or toetips.
  • Pain is unrelenting.

If you have continuing discoloration of the fingertips or on parts of your arms or legs, or if it appears that skin breakdown or ulcerations may be present, prompt medical  evaluation is needed.

Self-Care at Home

Prevention is the best treatment.

  • Avoid exposure to cold environments if possible.
  • Wear warm clothing over hands, feet, and entire body.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing in layers.
  • Avoid prolonged vibration to fingers.
  • Stop smoking or never start.

Preventing the arteries from narrowing is the key to living successfully with Raynaud phenomenon.

  • Avoid cold  weather. Dress in warm, loose-fitted layers of clothing.
  • If you smoke, work with your doctor to try to stop.
  • Try to identify stressors in your life that worsen the symptoms.


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