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Stretching Exercises for Low Back

Single knee to chest :

Start by lying on your Stomach. Begin to raise your upper body slowly, while keeping your pelvis flat to the floor. Try to create an arch in your low back. Go up only as far as you can without discomfort. Work up to the top position also known in Yoga as the Sphinx position. Then over several days, move on to the final position, with arms straight.

Piriformins stretch :

Lie down with your right knee up, and both arms stretching outward at 45 degree angles away from your body. Slowly let your right knee fall accross your body to the ground. Keep your shoulders as flat as possible. Hold for 30 seconds. Return to starting position. Raise your left knee and let it fall across your body to the right side. Hold for 30 seconds. Return to starting position. Do the exercise ten times, alternating knees.

Piriformins standing :

This exercise can be done at work, or on the golf course, because it can relieve back pain without requiring you to lay down on the floor for the standard piriformis stretch. To help you maintain your balance, you can lean against a wall or tree. Start by raising your knee in front of you. Slowly swing your knee across your body and hold for ten seconds. Repeat with other knee.

Body flexion :

Start on your knees with hands across abdomen. Slowly lean forward and let your body curl forward, keeping your head off the ground. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat several times.

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