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When to call the doctor

You should call the doctor if you have signs and symptoms of sepsis. If any of the following are true about your medical history you need to be especially vigilant regarding possible sepsis symptoms:

  • You are being treated with chemotherapy or radiation.
  • You have had an organ transplant  .
  • You are diabetic  .
  • You have AIDS  .
  • You are concerned that you may have sepsis and you develop fever   or chills or any other signs and symptoms.
When to go to the hospital

If a child younger than 60 days who has fever, lethargy, poor feeding, a change in normal behavior, or an unusual rash, call the doctor and proceed to the hospital.

If you have a family member with confusion  , dizziness  , fast heartbeat  , fast breathing, fever, chills, rash, or dizziness, call your doctor immediately or go to the hospital's emergency department.

Self-Care at Home

Sepsis is a medical emergency. If you have sepsis, the treatment is usually given in the hospital and often in an intensive care unit.


The prognosis depends on age, previous health history, how quickly the diagnosis is made and the organism causing the sepsis.

  • For elderly people with many illnesses or for those whose immune system is not working well because of illness or certain medications and sepsis is advanced, the death rate may be as high as 80%.
  • On the other hand, for healthy people with no prior illness, the death rate may be low, at around
  • The overall death rate from sepsis is approximately 40%. It is important to remember that the prognosis also depends on any delay to diagnosis and treatment. The earlier the treatment is started, the better the outcome will be.


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