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Intro Symptoms and their severity depend on duration and extent of thyroid hormone excess, and the age of the patient. Individuals may experience:
  • Nervousness and irritability
  • Palpitations  and tachycardia
  • Heat intolerance or increased sweating
  • Tremor
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Increase in appetite
  • Frequent bowel movements or diarrhea
  • Lower leg swelling
  • Sudden paralysis
  • Shortness of breath with exertion
  • Decreased menstrual flow
  • Impaired fertility
  • Sleep disturbances (including insomnia)
  • Changes in vision
    • Photophobia, or light sensitivity
    • Eye irritation with excess tears
    • Diplopia, or double vision
    • Exophthalmos, or forward protrusion of the eyeball
  • Fatigue and muscle weakness
  • Thyroid enlargement
  • Pretibial myxedema (fluid buildup in the tissues about the shin bone; may be seen with Grave's disease)



Hyperthyroidism is typically treatable and rarely fatal. However, complications can arise with:

  • Untreated hyperthyroidism
  • Side effects from therapies, including radioactive iodine, surgery and thyroid hormone replacement therapies


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