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When to Seek Medical Care

If you have any questions about your health, seek medical assistance as soon as possible. If you have any of the following, notify your health care provider:

Contact your health care provider immediately or go to a hospital's emergency department if you have any of the following

Self-Care at Home

No specific self-care is available for fibroids. But if you have abnormal or heavy menstrual bleeding, keep a diary of your menstrual cycle in order to provide your health care provider with that information.


Avoid weight gain after age 18 and maintain a normal body weight compared to your height. Body weight tends to increase estrogen production, thus aggravating fibroid growth. exercisecan help control your weight and additionally decrease hormone production that stimulates fibroid growth.

Tobacco use has not been proven to be linked to an increase in fibroids. But quitting smoking will improve general health and well being if you have fibroids.

Schedule routine health visits with your provider to allow for early detection.


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