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When to Seek Medical Care

Because endometriosis is a chronic disease , it may come on gradually. You will want to schedule regular care with a women's care clinician or gynecologist (a physician who specializes in women’s sexual organs). If your pain changes dramatically over a short period of time or unexpected symptoms develop, it is reasonable to go to a hospital emergency department.

In general, call your health care provider to investigate new or worsening pain associated with menstruation , sexual activity, or daily activities.

Any pain that limits your usual daily activities should be evaluated.

Self-Care at Home

You might find that increasing the level of physical exercise in your daily life can help decrease the amount of pain associated with endometriosis. Researchers are uncertain as to the cause of this relationship and have noted that increased exercise does not work for all women.


Endometriosis is a chronic condition. If you develop this disease, you will benefit from developing a long-lasting relationship with your doctor or gynecologist, who can direct your treatment and follow your response to therapy.


Research suggests that frequent and early pregnancy , use of oral contraceptives, and daily exercise may all help decrease the incidence and severity of endometriosis.


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