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Although a DVT may resolve on its own, the life-threatening consequences of a clot reaching the lung, called pulmonary embolism , are severe enough to warrant seeking medical attention immediately.

Call EMERGENCY if you or someone you know with a current DVT, previous DVT, or risk factor begins having chest pain, shortness of breath , difficulty breathing, fainting, or any other symptom that concerns you.

Self-Care at Home

Medications are necessary to treat DVT. The patient must see a medical professional for treatment.

To increase comfort and lower the risk of the clot embolizing and moving to the lung, have the patient take the following measures:

    i.   Keep the affected limb elevated.

    ii.   Do not massage the limb

    iii.   Avoid prolonged sitting or bed rest.

    vi.   Relieve pain by applying warm, moist heat to the area.

If the patient has leg pain or swelling with any risk factors, go to a hospital emergency department immediately.


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