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             Brain Infection


Early diagnosis and treatment are very important with brain infections. However, most of the symptoms of meningitis and other central nervous system infections can be caused by other medical conditions too. Do not panic. In young infants, meningitis might look like general symptoms such as crying too much, sleeping too much, eating too little, irritability, and listlessness. Whenever you suspect meningitis or any other brain infection, or are in doubt, call your doctor.

Call 911 if an ill person has an altered level of consciousness with high fever, respiratory distress, severe headache  with vomiting, a new seizures or if your baby appears to be lethargic, with poor feeding, a high fever, and vomiting

Self-Care at Home

If you suspect that someone in your household has some kind of brain infection, first, call your doctor or 911 emergency services and follow their advice.

Provide cooling measures and give temperature-lowering medications to reduce fever.
If the person is vomiting, put him or her on their side to prevent them from inhaling and choking on the vomit.
Avoid any strenuous activities, and keep the person on strict bed rest. Always follow the advice of your doctor.


Most types of meningitis are unpredictable and cannot be prevented. There are vaccines, however, against certain types of bacteria.

Hib vaccines are very safe and highly effective. It is a part of standard immunization for infants and children.

A vaccine against pneumococcal meningitis can also prevent other forms of infection. It is not effective in children younger than 2 years but is recommended for all those older than 65 years and younger people with certain chronic medical conditions.

A vaccine against meningococcal meningitis is not routinely used in the US. It is being used, however, to control outbreaks in certain regions of the country, in overcrowded environments such as college dormitories, and as a preventive measure for travelers outside of the US. Information on regions for which this vaccine is recommended is available at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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