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        Benign Positional Vertigo


Call your doctor any time you experience vertigo and nausea for unclear reasons. The doctor will want to ask some questions and either see you in the office or have you go to your hospital's emergency department.

Go to a hospital if your doctor cannot see you in the office and you have vertigo that is causing repeated vomiting such that you may become dehydrated or cannot take your medications.

Because driving yourself would be unsafe, you should have a friend or family member take you.

Other symptoms that should prompt you to go to an emergency department would be the following:


Self-Care at Home

Lie down and rest. Take precautions to prevent falls.

Do not drive, work at heights, or operate dangerous machinery in case you get an attack of vertigo.

Avoid sudden head movements and body position changes, especially looking up.

You may try some home therapy exercises that are meant to disburse the inner ear particles that are causing the trouble or desensitize the inner ear nerves that are being stimulated.

The following are called the positional exercises of Brandt and Daroff. You will feel vertigo while doing these, but with each repetition, the severity and duration should decrease.

  • Sit on the edge of the bed near the middle, with legs hanging down.
  • Turn head 45° to right side.
  • Quickly lie down on left side, with head still turned, and touch the bed with portion of the head behind the ear.
  • Maintain this position and every subsequent position for about 30 seconds.
  • Sit up again.
  • Quickly lie down to right side after turning head 45° toward the left side.
  • Sit up again.
  • Do 6-10 repetitions, 3 times per day.

Avoid activities and situations during which vertigo could be dangerous, such as driving or operating dangerous machinery.

Take medication as directed.

Drink enough liquids to prevent dehydration , even if you are somewhat nauseated.

Avoid alcohol.


Most cases of BPV do not have a known cause. Therefore, no prevention is possible.
The preventable causes of BPV are head injury and alcohol or medication overdose.
Always wear a helmet during sporting activities where head injury can occur.
Avoid excess consumption of alcohol or aspirin.


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