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Acute Kidney Failure Symptoms


The following symptoms may occur with acute kidney failure. Some people have no symptoms, at least in the early stages. The symptoms may be very subtle.

  1. Decreased urine production
  2. Body swelling
  3. Problems concentrating
  4. Confusion
  5. Fatigue
  6. Lethargy
  7. Nausea, vomiting
  8. Diarrhea
  9. Abdominal pain
  10. Metallic taste in the mouth

Seizures and coma may occur in very severe acute kidney failure.


Self-Care at Home

Self-treatment of acute kidney  failure is not recommended. Kidney failure can be a very serious condition that requires medical care.

It may be possible to receive some or all treatment at home. Treatment in some cases can be administered by a home health nurse under the supervision of a healthcare provider.

In cases in which recovery of kidney function is incomplete, the artificial kidney may be needed to clear excess water and accumulating wastes. This is done by dialysis, a process by which the blood is cleared of wastes and excess water. Dialysis, when needed for acute renal failure, is performed at a hospital or dialysis center. Home dialysis may be appropriate in cases in which kidney failure is permanent and dialysis is needed indefinitely.


The patient's healthcare provider will arrange follow-up visits as needed for the underlying cause of their kidney failure and the severity of the disease. He or she will monitor the patient's underlying condition and do appropriate lab tests to be sure that the kidney failure has resolved. Preventive measures may be needed in some situations to prevent the problem from occurring again.


Yearly physical exams by a healthcare provider include blood tests and urinalysis to monitor kidney and urinary tract health.

Drink enough fluids to keep the kidneys functioning properly.

Avoid taking substances or medications that can poison or damage kidney tissues. Ask a healthcare provider about substances to avoid.

Persons at risk for chronic kidney disease may need more frequent testing for kidney function and other problems that occur with declining kidney function. Difficulties urinating or blood in the urine should prompt a visit to your physician as soon as possible.


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